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[21 Dec 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
I Love Saving Money

"In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes"  – Benjamin Franklin
I LOVE SAVING MONEY don't you??  I am always looking for new tax tips and any new loop hole I can poke my head into. 
Ok, so as I see it, we are divided into two main groups.  Those who are super organized and sort their receipts and kinda do "tax-prep" all year long, and those who show up with a shoe box and shopping bag at their CPA every year.  Well which ever one you are…..no matter.  It …

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[27 Jul 2011 | 9 Comments | ]
What do you outsource first?

Wearing all the hats when getting your business going can become very tiresome…..ok exhausting!!  But knowing what to outsource first can be equally confusing.  When I launched my first handbag line, I was doing it all from designing, running my production, sales, shipping, trying to do marketing but failing miserably,  and managing my other company which was supporting me and the bag business! 
When I finally started to make a bit of money and had consistent orders coming in, I decided that hiring out shipping was my best bet.  They didn't …

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[23 Mar 2011 | 4 Comments | ]
How to stretch your dollars

So we all want to know what the crystal ball says right?  How do you cut corners and stay on your growth track at the same time? 
I asked my experts for some tips they are using right now and it seems that the most common are brown bagging it, getting VA's instead of employees and taking a look every 6 months at all the services you use to see if you can negotiate a better rate.  Give a call to your providers and see if they are running specials, or …

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[2 Feb 2011 | 27 Comments | ]
How to find and use a Virtual Assistant to get ahead

So last weeks post inspired me.  I loved hearing what people disliked doing in their business and how they handled it.  The #1 way to handle their "icky tasks" was to outsource them…….which lead me to this post.  It seemed to me that almost everyone was using a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help with the things they disliked as well as things that are best left to an assistant.  VA's are a great choice for more than just the "having an assistant part" – you pay them on a 1099 …

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[27 Aug 2009 | One Comment | ]
How can I outsource to save time?

Hi Sarah, I really like the way you offer assistance and guidance for those pursuing their dreams. This is a great service to others.
Question:  In growing my business I know I need to outsource more but I honestly am not sure what I should start outsourcing and where to find the right people that I can trust. How do other people begin to start the process of outsourcing?
Thanks – Carolyn from Tastefully Splendid
Hey Carolyn,
This is a great question and something I touched on in last weeks Featured Article.
Knowing when to …

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