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[3 Oct 2009 | No Comment | ]
Let Your Light Shine

I have been ensconced in this 5-day incredible event with mind-blowing geniuses around me every day.
2 weeks ago I wrote about how distraction = inefficiency.  This was just something I had observed in my own life, and wanted to pass on the ways that I figured out to try to be as efficient as possible. Many of you thanked me for these pearls of wisdom.  Well, you’re welcome!
So, yesterday I heard Eban Pagen speak about the very same thing.  He even went on to say that distraction and interruption …

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[14 Aug 2009 | No Comment | ]
Let’s Make a Difference

Started by a shrink and a stylist, Retail Therapy provides the latest in “feel good” apparel & accessories.  Their motto “take care of yourself, take care of the world” inspires us all to be organic, recycled, and earth-friendly in our products.
My twins have these tees and we just planted the hangtags in the garden.  I am so excited to see the flowers grow!
• Tees made of organic cotton, recycled polyester & naturally occurring rayon
•  Tees made of 100% organic cotton
• Even our RT …

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[27 Jul 2009 | No Comment | ]
No drips or spills

I just have to blow the horn for this awesome company. We just got the Safe Sippy™ cups for our 18 month old twins and they LOVE them. But most of all what I love is that they don’t leak or drip. We have tried countless brands – big famous ones – and they all leak or drip when the turn them over. And these look super mod.  How awesome is this?

Christina Aguilera with The Safe Sippy!girls

Kid Basix created The Safe Sippy™ drink cup in …

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[5 Jun 2009 | No Comment | ]
Coaching the Modern Mom

Interview with Carley Knobloch – Creator of Mother Craft Coaching

Q: What is your name? Carley Knobloch
Q: Company name and website? Mothercraft: Coaching the Modern Mom

Q: We launched in: Feb 2007
Q: What is your business or what do you sell?
I help moms manage their crazy schedules, create unique career choices that work for them, parent purposefully, and live extraordinary lives.

Q: Who or what was the inspiration behind your company?
When I became a mom, I felt like I had a lot of resources to teach me how to be a good parent …

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[9 Apr 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
Social Media Time Warp

So I have to admit that I am really just getting started into the whole world of Twitter and Facebook.  I find that it is such a time warp do you?  I sit down in the morning to look at all the emails and updates and before I know it, it’s noon and I’m still in my PJ’s with a cold cup of coffee next to me that my husband keeps asking if he can throw away!  I mean how much time is enough to spend on it all each …

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