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[24 Apr 2012 | No Comment | ]
How to make your booth dazzle

Dear Sarah, I am doing my first trade show in a few months.  I wondered if you know the best way to set up the lights in order to showcase my products.
Thanks so much – Jon Margalit Towelmate.com
Dear John,
I reached out to my friend Emily at Pegasus Lighting as she is a real expert in booth lighting. You’re smart to consider your lighting needs ahead of time! Trade show lights are crucial to make your product stand out to attendees in a sea of options. Your goal should be …

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[8 Dec 2011 | No Comment | ]
Finding money for your start-up

Dear Sarah,
I've recently launched my home-based business, and my sales are inconsistent. Until I can get a steady income flow, what are some ways that I can save money in my everyday life?
Sandi Hochman  Lucky Puppy
Dear Sandi,
Thanks for a great question!  I reached out to my friend Andrew of Money Crashers as he has awesome ideas about how to save money and get ahead!
 Starting a home-based business is a huge challenge, and in the beginning, times can be tough. However, there is no reason to despair as there are a …

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[17 Nov 2011 | 8 Comments | ]
Bootstrap or Bust

I saw a video the other day with my good friend and mentor Mike Michalowcz and it got me thinking…….
How can bootstrapping really make you a better business woman?
A lot of us dream of a big investor coming in (our knight in shinning gold coins) and solving all our problems, bringing a lot of savvy to the table, helping the business run more smoothly, and giving us that long awaited salary……right? Hey, I have been there with you……several times……in fact, I did bring on investors, and did hope they'd do …

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[30 Aug 2011 | 4 Comments | ]
20 Money Saving Tips For Small Business Owners

Dear Sarah, 
I have been in business for a couple years and am working on lowering some of our overhead right now. I wanted to know if you had some tips on ways to save on "everyday necessities" like office supplies, payroll, phone bills, and anything else we should be aware of.
Appreciate any suggestions – you are always full of great ideas!
Danielle Carr   Teddy's Tiny Tutu's
Hi Danielle,
I asked my friend David if I could borrow this great post he wrote on how to save for start-ups!  He covered all the bases …

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[26 Jan 2011 | 12 Comments | ]
How to handle things in your business that you dislike doing

Wearing all the hats in the business can be tricky as you know. There are things we are good at, can do quickly, are required of us, perhaps only we can do, and the things we dread……….but still have to get done.  I know them all inside and out from running many companies of my own over the years, and have done everything from sweeping the floor to being interviewed on ET! and Access Hollywood……. and everything in between.  Funny thing, is that most of my experts who commented below, …

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