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57 Ways to Market your Video

2 June 2010 8 CommentsBy Sarah Shaw

How many of you use video to market your business? Have you thought about all the ways you can use your videos?  Thanks to my Entreprenette Experts, here are 57 ways to use  video to market your business and possibly get them to go viral…….that would be awesome right?  I am working on my own videos now and getting ready for a big launch over the summer ……. we devoured all these tips and I am sure you will too!!

1. Keep It Short

How to use video for marketing: Most viral videos are under a minute in length, and for good reason. People literally have millions of videos on Youtube to choose from and if you can't get to the point and get your message across in under sixty seconds, they are on to the next one. No matter what your video's message, keep it short and easy to understand. Ten minute viral videos are a rarity for a reason.
Thanks to: Anthony Evans of Window Replacement Boston.

2. YouTube Still King

How to use video for marketing: Putting your product videos on YouTube is great, free and effective! Video titles, the first paragraph of descriptive text and tags are very important, so make sure they describe your product well and link back to your website for more product information. Make videos short and fun, if possible; but most important, don't forget to ask your customers how they heard about you because if you don't ask, you'll never know what is working for you.
Thanks to: Denis Stepansky of ItsHot.com Diamond Jewelry Watches.

3. Be Honest

How to use video for marketing: People are tired of seeing sales pitches. Just talk to them as you would to your best friend. Tell them who you are, why you're doing what you're doing and what you're passionate about. This will help you connect with your potential clients on a personal basis and earn their trust.
Of course it doesn't hurt if your honesty happens to be hillarious :)
Thanks to: Michael Drob of Story Tailors.

4. A Parting Shot

How to use video for marketing: I'd had my YouTube channel for more than a year before it started to take off (one of my 94 videos now has more than 87,500 views and a half dozen have more than 10,000). One simple thing made a huge difference: at the end of each video is a screen that suggests viewers subscribe. Subscriptions and views increased dramatically after I started adding that screen.
Thanks to: Kevin Caron of Kevin Caron Studios, L.L.C..

5. My Fiance's Iphone!

How to use video for marketing: With the Iphone, you can live stream with Ustream.tv. So I catch things as they happen (& Ustream will let you tweet it out, post it to Facebook and put it up on YouTube instantaneously). Also, Ustream records it, so you can use it anytime and anywhere. If that doesn't give you all the options for viral, I don't know what does!
Thanks to: Lindsay Wilson of Social Media Heaven.

6. Embedded, But Not Undercover!

How to use video for marketing: HGTV featured me in my studio working on a project for a segment of "That's Clever". My Web Mistress embedded it into my "About the Artist" page on my web site. Potential customers can get a bead on me and my work...remembering ,of course, that TV is for entertainment value.
Thanks to: Michele Palenik of Purple Cloud Studio.

7. I love Animoto!

How to use video for marketing: Over thinking what do with a video prevented us from getting around to doing one. Enter Animoto, we uploaded 12 photos, a couple of lines of text, chose a track we liked from their extensive library & 5 minutes later we had a super fast loading video, best of all it's FREE!
We plan to upgrade to a paid account but for now the cheap & cheerful is working really well.
Thanks to: Dashiel St. Damien of Sunny SleeveZ.

8. Fashionable Videos Make Sales

How to use video for marketing: Videos creates an intimate, more personal feel. Customers love to see what goes on, learn new tips, and how to's. We began creating fashion tip videos only 6 months ago and since, have seen a considerable increase in sales. Customers love honesty and want to feel connected, and with live video, they do! Be yourself, show the REAL reality and make it fun.
Thanks to: Dawn Del Russo of Bella Dawn .

9. Get Creative with Animoto

How to use video for marketing: To make a video viral, collect some high resolution pictures - related to your business, if possible - and add some shocking, intriguing, or funny text to them on PowerPoint. Then save each picture as jpg. [click Save As, on the dropdown at the bottom choose JPG format, Save Current Slide]... Then upload them to www.Animoto.com, where you can upload your own music [that you have rights to] or pick one of the great songs available in their database.
Have fun with it!
Thanks to: E.G. Sebastian of E.G. Performance Solutions.

10. Engage your key influencers

How to use video for marketing: Who do your customers listen to? Experts? Celebrities? We have found that people who come to our site via u-Tube have a very low bounce rate of 7%. Wow, we are going to be doing so much more video. But in the meantime, makeup artisits have been doing reviews on our mirrors. Some even do their tutorials in our lighted vanities ... that soooo works for us.
Thanks to: Maxine Tatlonghari of Vanity Girl Hollywood.

11. Choose the Best Keywords

How to use video for marketing:
Whether you're putting your video up on YouTube or into a press release, blog or website, my tip is to choose your keywords carefully.

Use WordTracker (http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/) or another keyword search tool to find the most popular words or phrases that someone might use if looking for your type of product. Then use them in your title and description (and meta tags for websites).
Thanks to: Sandra Lira of ZANDA PANDA Specialty Bakeware.

12. Just Demo It!

How to use video for marketing: We have started using video for the purpose of doing reviews and demos of the products we sell. It is fun for us and for our customers to see the product in use and see more about the people behind the products. Here is an example of the latest one that we just produced as an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ9684VzYrE&feature=player_embedded
Thanks to: Heather Ledeboer of Mom 4 Life.

13. Tags- The Key to Passive Promo

How to use video for marketing: I often shoot videos of patients and artwork to share on my blog. And the cool thing about is how the youtube tags bring the video to the front page of Google. Two years later under video results. I have one video of paintings that pops up consistently when people search for 2 generic painting terms.

It's passive promotion. I don't have to do a thing.
Thanks to: Andy Mathis of Andy Mathis Art Co..

14. Be You!

How to use video for marketing: I bring my flip everywhere I go & chronicle the little things we do for the shop. From informal product shoots to picking out giveaway winners. It looks a bit silly sometimes but our customers often tell us they love it. I think more than anything else, people wants to be connected. They want to know there's a real person behind the company.So, as cliche as it sounds, just be genuine and be you!
Thanks to: maureen toribio of the inglenook decor.

15. Seeing Is Believing

How to use video for marketing: We started doing short vlogs and have noticed and almost immediate increase in traffic. People like to see things in action and often will understand concepts of items when you show them up front and personal!
Thanks to: Julie DeFruscio of Girly Girl Studio Custom Made Bags.

16. The "10-4" FAQ Traffic Formula

How to use video for marketing: Use my "10-4" approach by setting-up a video FAQ section on your site about a common customer topic.

First the "10": Write down 10 questions & answer each in a separate video. Be sure to include the URL of your site at the end of every clip!

Now, the "4": Upload to 4 places: 1) Your site (a new page per FAQ clip!) 2) distribute via TubeMogul.com (auto-sends to dozens of sites, free) 3) Facebook Fan page 4) Embed them into your LinkedIn profile page

Watch the traffic come in. "10-4"!
Thanks to: Kenny Jahng of Big Click Syndicate Consulting.

17. Viral Video Tip

How to use video for marketing: A viral video can open a business to the whole world. A viral video should include contact information and a company’s website if it should have one. Contact information should be shown multiple times as repetition will help customers remember the business. Be sure to promote videos through social media platforms. Also keep it short with a clear message. A long video could take long to download which will cause customers to move on without seeing the video.
Thanks to: Jonathan Nowling of Rock Hill Lavender.

18. Video goes to the dogs!

How to use video for marketing: I have partnered with another company and together we are marketing our video on Google, YouTube, and Facebook. We kept our video simple and to the point-and even included her dogs in the video to add some humor and warmth. We offer a discount if they can name the dogs from our video.
Thanks to: Jann Foy of VIP Realty.

19. waiters performing

How to use video for marketing: At 1785 Inn & Restaurant we take videos of our waiters doing interesting things such as our signature flaming drinks
and post them on YouTube and Facebook with links from our wegsite
Thanks to: Charles Mallar of 1785 Inn & Restaurant.

20. Use Viral Video to Promote

How to use video for marketing: Entrepreneurs can use video to send out with their e-mail marketing campaign send a short video to your potential customers about what your business is about. The short video should be no longer then three minutes.
Thanks to: Derrick Guest of Griot's Roll Film Production .

21. Small smash hits

How to use video for marketing: Not every video can get millions of views but a well-targeted video can still be a smash hit for your company. Let's say you're a daycare center in a town of 30,000 and 1,000 parents watch your video. That is the same percentage as if Nike got 10 million video views nationally! Make your video content relevant to your target group and you will win big.
Thanks to: Bettina Hein of Pixability, Inc..

22. Interactive Viral Videos

How to use video for marketing: I would have to say my BEST tip is to offer some kind of reward or prize to make the participants want to create a video with your product. Customers LOVE to showcase their talents using things they bought, all while getting their 15 minutes of fame. In turn those videos become permanent advertisements or e-billboards which will attract more customers & make them want to interact by creating videos using & promoting your products as well. That is the definition of Viral Video Marketing!

Thanks to: Michael Di Pippo of Penfishingrods.com.

23. Be "Out There"

How to use video for marketing: To get noticed you need to be unusual. Having a strange setting, an out of the ordinary character or even flaws. An early video we made went way viral because of its flaws. Paranoid biker type and accidental background noises gave the bloggers plenty of fodder to joke about. It was made fun by literally hundreds of blogs. That was ok with me. It even won a best viral video award at Marketing Sherpa.
Another we filmed was exercising a public restroom, toilets flushing and all.
Thanks to: Phil Weaver of BreakPal - Workplace Wellness.

24. Viral Videos for Musicians

How to use video for marketing: As an artist, the more content you have, the higher chance it will show up on youtube and search engines (google owns youtube) which means you get more views and more exposure. Once you make a video, you need to incentivize people to share it. I currently give people a free friendship bracelet that I mail out to them after they post it ot their facebook wall.
You can see what I mean here:
Thanks to: Kellee Maize of Pittsburgh Rapper Kellee Maize.

25. Owner

How to use video for marketing: My advice is to answer your prospect's concern in a video. My company gets calls from prospects who want to know "How much does video production costs?" So, we created a video that educates people on the cost of video production. We worked with a company to get the video high in online searches. Now, when a person puts "Marietta Video Production" in an online search, our video on pricing comes up first. Now, we have solved a problem for prospects, provided an answer, and given them a resource.
Thanks to: Donna Davis of Innova One Productions, LLC.

26. Stroke some egos

How to use video for marketing: For our new video New Dork (Entrepreneur State of Mind), we wanted to be featured on Techcrunch, Mashable, Gizmodo, Geekologie, and Valleywag so we flattered them by featuring them in the video. And it worked. All of them covered the video and helped it reach nearly 1 million views in 2 months.


Thanks to: Siamak Taghaddos of Grasshopper Group.

27. YouTube = Customer Service

How to use video for marketing: As a company creating digital content, we know our customers are in the digital space. So we've created "how to" videos (http://bit.ly/cZW4Nn) as a tool for our customers to better navigate our site or iTunes App Store. The benefit is twofold for us: 1. We keep happy customers by providing readily-available answers to their tech questions & 2. It offers an additional path to get us "out there", even accidentally as folks are searching for "how to" videos, or any video on YouTube. And it's free!
Thanks to: Wendy Toone of MobiStories.

28. Captivate Your Audience

How to use video for marketing: Videos are a very powerful way to tell your story or introduce a product. Videos, including flash & animated videos capture the audience's attention more effectively than just text and static pictures. For product intros, think of a video as a trailer to a movie- point out the sizzle, but leave them wanting to return for more! We use flash videos to tell our story in a fun, entertaining way & use this same concept when making presentations. Videos in email campaigns are also becoming popular.
Thanks to: Michelle Streitmarter of ScreamingBob.com.

29. Think outside of Youtube.

How to use video for marketing: I recently made 3 videos about my company using industry standard editing software. I posted the video to both Crunchbase and Vator.TV. The video messaging has worked great on Vator.TV as I am generating an organic following of over 30 people per day.
Thanks to: aaron moskowitz of Capchure.

30. Smile Machine

How to use video for marketing: Hotchkis Performance makes suspension components. One of our challenges is figuring out how to share the excitement we feel about cars. Videos have helped us share our message. At an event, we'll give rides in our Hotchkis-equipped demo cars, share the action through real-time Facebook, Twitter and website updates and allow people who weren't at the event to have the experience. Later, for their own car build, they can watch our install videos and see the fit and quality of our products.
Thanks to: John Hotchkis of Hotchkis Sport Suspension.

31. Catch 'Em and Keep 'Em

How to use video for marketing: When it comes to satisfying any crowd that reaches a mass media market, consistency is key! Reaching your market target audience is important and video messaging is becoming a more popular way to interface with those you wish to touch. Always loop in subject matter of interest with your target message. Set your video releases on a regular schedule. Market your videos through social media sources and watch your statistics soar! Remember, consistency is key!
Thanks to: Mary Winkenwerder.

32. A CTA for Every Video

How to use video for marketing: Put a call to action (CTA) at the end of every video, and decide your video's call to action while storyboarding the video. By relating your CTA directly to the content of the video, people will be more likely to take action.
Thanks to: Rebecca Corliss of HubSpot.

33. Dancing Babies & Cute Kittens

How to use video for marketing: If you don't plan on making a video about dancing babies or cute kittens than you better make sure your video is inspirational, controversial, and unique!
Thanks to: Jonathan Kay of Grasshopper.

34. Focus on What Makes You Unique

How to use video for marketing: We're using video for small businesses that are branching out with new types of marketing, like Plumbers, Acupuncturists & Dentists. I tell them to think about the most compelling part of their business (what makes them unique) & that's what we focus on. We just did a shoot for a dentist who creates crowns in his office in one day. That's a big time savings for patients & sets him apart from other dentists. We made sure that stood out in the video & that will get him a lot of attention.
Thanks to: Michael Garcia of MG Multimedia Services.

35. SEO Videos

How to use video for marketing: Run a keyword search report to identify the most searched for words that are specific to your target audience. These new keywords will need to be included in your video headline, descriptions and tags.
Thanks to: Valerie Jennings of Jennings Social Media Marketing .

36. Empowered by Endorsements

How to use video for marketing: As a given, your video should be professional, well edited, informative and sincere. But I believe most importantly, the secret to a successful corporate video is having it recommended/featured by a popular and well respected source. My video was featured in the monthly newsletter, "A Better Today". Views literally went from a thousand to over thirty-seven thousand in a very short period of time.
Thanks to: Brad Pine of Bradford Pine Wealth Group.

37. Your Signature Please

How to use video for marketing: The one thing that we do here that has been extremely successful in attracting new customers and "closing the deal" is including a link to our YouTube channel in the signature bar of our email or for queries submitted through our website. We typically say something like, "For tips and ideas on how to increase your profits with our product, we encourage you to view our online demo videos at (YouTube URL)."
Thanks to: Christine White of Scandle Body Massage Candle LLC.

38. Plan Distribution First

How to use video for marketing: It is very important that you have a well developed plan on how you will distribute your video, since viewers will not simply "find" your video. I believe it is crucial to team up with a producer and actors that already have some level of distribution set through their dedicated followers that fit your targeted demographic. This allows for the video to be seeded quickly and gains the attention of popular video sites and blogs that have the potential to make it go viral.
Thanks to: Andrew Goetting of SlouchBack.

39. Don't Play Hide-and-Seek

How to use video for marketing: People are lazy. They may like your video, but they don't want to work to find you online. Here's a simple tip to make it easy: when uploading to sites such as YouTube, always put your URL, including the "http:// (ex: http://yourcompanyurl.com) as the VERY FIRST THING in the description. Your goal is to attract them to your site and lead them to either purchase your products or become fans by signing up to your newsletter or list. Including the URL can make all the difference!
Thanks to: Laura Roeder of Laura Roeder.

40. It Takes Two!

How to use video for marketing: I am optimizing the momentum that I've gotten from professionals who've seen my 5-year old Junior Apprentice and I in action, to create video and audio that allows parents to see what it looks like for a parent to work alongside their child. They get to see what work life balance looks and feels like for us.
Thanks to: Adelaide Zindler of HomeOfficeMommy.com.

41. The 80/20 Golden Viral Rule!

How to use video for marketing: Here is one tip of many:
80/20 Rule: Be personal 80% of the time and only talk business 20%. Talk about things that people can relate to in their personal lives, i.e. current events in your local community, money saving tips, & funny videos. When talking business, never sell yourself or your company. If you talk about your industry make sure you educate people and provide benefits. People don't like to be sold.

Examples of ways to use videos, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMdU4-FlqsA
Thanks to: Joey Sampaga of First Priority Financial.

42. Make your videos interactive

How to use video for marketing: Confucius said, "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand." Making your videos interactive gives your potential customers something to do, and helps them understand. It establishes a connection between you and them. Adding multiple layers of interactivity drives engagement and fortifies that relationship, turning potential customers into brand ambassadors.
Thanks to: Corey Kronengold of Innovid.

43. Is humor the secret?

How to use video for marketing: Humor is a great way to break the ice and get people talking about you and your company. But being funny on command can be hard, and what’s funny to one person may not be funny to someone else. Rather than try to force humor and have it fall flat, just be yourself and tell your story -- why you do what you do and why they should care. Telling your story is very important. Of course, some creativity helps, but good is good enough (and it's better than doing nothing!).
Thanks to: Chris Hurn of Mercantile Capital Corporation.

44. Make a how-to video

How to use video for marketing: Make an instructional video - a "how-to" - about some aspect of your business and post it to sites like Instructables, HowCast, etc. Youll be providing a pubic service as well as encouraging people to find out more about your company - and positioning yourself as an expert!
Thanks to: Laurel Sutton of Catchword.

45. Pull Back the Curtain

How to use video for marketing: Give behind the scenes information...what actually goes on, what people are saying, tips that have worked. Most of my comments come from one video where I said "look at all this crap laying around." Being authentic and talking about what is really going on will naturally generate interest.

So many people are tired of being sold to.Using phrases that are funny and even slightly irreverent, you know how "real people" speak when unscripted, will really perk up viewers interest.
Thanks to: Kim Halverson of Prudential CA Realty.

46. 2 Minutes to Save the World

How to use video for marketing: There's no secret formula/exact science to create online video. Sometimes all it takes is timing & publishing to proper video distribution platforms. There are things you can add to a video increase potential to go viral & help market your business. Videos containing humor/kids/animals or any combo of the 3 tend to do really well. Regardless of content, it's crucial to keep things short; two minutes is the time to shoot for as it's difficult to maintain attention for any longer than that.
Thanks to: Andrew Pearce of Powwownow.

47. Be the famous forwarded clip!

How to use video for marketing: Every business solves some sort of challenge its target customer (ie; people or other businesses) have. If you can communicate how your business solves this problem in a humorous way or a way that resonates with the viewer then they will surely share it with friends because it's entertaining and also solves a problem.

Content is king - Make sure your video is worth watching! A humorous or strong message is your way to viral royalty! Good luck!
Thanks to: Sajeel Qureshi of Computan.

48. Personable real-time video

How to use video for marketing: Basically: Personable, real-time video, especially when connected to some kind of social service, can and does connect to your core audience.

Our Live from the Field platform are iPhone videos shot by pro athletes. When connected to twitter it allows for a 2 way, real-time video communication between fans and pro athletes.
Thanks to: RC Cone of Teton Gravity Research.

49. Videos gone Viral

How to use video for marketing: We have used video successfully to get our message out and my ONE tip is to make it professional. More professional than a start-up's money can buy. Source the best camera crew/director possible, looking for seasoned professionals who are willing to do freelance for extra money. They will have high quality equipment to make the video pleasant to watch, easy on the ears, and seamless in transition.
Thanks to: Carissa Brown of Carissa Rose.

50. YouTube as an SEO Target

How to use video for marketing: Remember that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world (ahead of yahoo, behind google). Thinking about Youtube as a search engine leads to developing content that users are searching for, which in turn leads to your viewers being more likely to share the content. By targeting your video content to keywords you start to understand how much traffic comes through each search term. You can then prioritize your content generation.
Thanks to: Scott Imbrie of Original Skateboards.

51. Enhance the experience

How to use video for marketing: Video allows our audience the capability to understand our business more in depth – giving them a real, live action demonstration of our trainings and teachings. The video also helps the viewer feel that they have actual joined us (through video) on our conferences: showcasing some of the highlights of the conference and a one on one discussion with the presenter. This enhances their experience with our brand and allows us to illustrate our services in a new, fresh, and vibrant way.
Thanks to: Matt Harrington of New Directions Consulting.

52. Something must be remarkable

How to use video for marketing: Getting your business message across is fine, but to have a shot at going viral, your video must literally have something remarkable about it to compel people to actively share it. It must somehow standout and rise above the rest* because it is especially funny, interesting, insightful, unique, sad, etc. to someone (not necessarily to everyone).

* "Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube"
source: http://www.youtube.com/t/fact_sheet
Thanks to: Mark Gavagan of Organizemyaffairs.com.

53. Platform Bulding!!

How to use video for marketing: I created a project called "30 Days of Genius" where I made a video a day inviting everyone to live into their Genius... based on the book, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. Well... Over the 30 days I got more and more creative! What a practice... It allowed my natural self to come through, and to fully establish my brand and my platform. I LOVED creating a container like that. I highly recommend someone create a video project of some kind for themselves, and go for it!
Thanks to: Christina Morassi of Shamanic Photographer.

54. Keep it Real

How to use video for marketing: Video is a chance for a company to put a face on their business. In a world where face to face is becoming a thing of the past, think of your videos as a chance to introduce yourself to millions of people. When you create videos above all else be genuine. Let people see who you are. This not only shows a personal side to your business, but more importantly it helps to establish trust and loyalty with your audience - two key ingredients to business success.

Thanks to: Ann-Marie Fleming of DogQuality.com.

55. Think Bigger.

How to use video for marketing: No one wants to share a commercial, but everyone wants to be the first to show their friends the next phenomenal video. Your goal shouldn't be to convey the competitive advantages of your company, but to make something so emotionally engaging that people *can't help* but send it to anyone and everyone. A great example would be State Farm's sponsorship of Ok Go's "This Too Shall Pass" video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybUFnY7Y8w) which has been viewed over 13 million times.
Thanks to: Jeremy Redleaf of Odd Job Nation.

56. Know This To Go Viral

How to use video for marketing: Before creating your viral video, make sure you know and understand your audience well; otherwise your results will be dismal. It would be like sending a cup to someone who needs a pen. What you should know about your audience is: (1) What topic is very relevant? (2) What title will arouse curiosity? (3) Is the video short enough so your audience will look at it as soon as they open it, instead of later? The longer the video, the lower the chance it will be viewed and therefore forwarded.
Thanks to: Ken Varga of Creating Customers, LLC.

57. Draw Them In -- And Keep Them

How to use video for marketing: Keep it simple. Keep it fun. If you work in a business that is technical or uses a lot of jargon, it’s critical to focus on making your video easy to understand. Find a fun way to demonstrate a useful product or service your company provides. Just because it’s a business video doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy and dry (avoid boring shot of person at desk). If you want people to watch and share your video, it needs to be engaging and applicable to viewers’ own lives or businesses.
Thanks to: Holly Fisher of Step Ahead Inc..



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