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How To Get Into A Magazine

27 April 2010 47 CommentsBy Sarah Shaw

Ok, let’s be serious for a moment……everyone wants to get in a magazine right? Whether you have a product or a service, there is room for everyone if you have the right approach and something newsworthy to pitch! Here are 43 tips from my awesome Entreprenette Experts to help you on your way to stardom. I want everyone to try at least one new pitch this week – remember, they need you just as much as you need them!

Leave a comment and let me know how it goes for you.

1. Wow them with your website

How to get into a Magazine : You may have something great to add to the magazine article, but when that researcher is fact-checking your company they do not want to see an unprofessional website. In a world where the Internet can bring your business anywhere you need to have a professional, trust-worthy website. By giving you a placement, the magazine is somewhat endorsing you and if they do not like what they see online they may not want to cover your company.
Thanks to: Jacqui Pini of Museum Way Pearls.

2. Help A Reporter Out

How to get into a Magazine : Subscribe to newsletters like HARO (Help A Reporter Out) http://helpareporter.com/
This is a twice daily newsletter where writers and reporters post queries for sources on stores they are working on. Stories range from Bio Tech to Business, Lifestyle to Public Policy and outlets range from the the AP to CNN, The Wall St. Journal and TV to pod casts. This is an excellent way to see what outlets are covering and a great way to get covered.
Thanks to: Joanne Brown of BrownKnowsPR.

3. It's a Two Way Street

How to get into a Magazine : A lot of new business owners are in awe of media in general and think they are unapproachable. The fact is, it's a two way street. Media outlets like magazines NEED new, timely information as much as new businesses need the free publicity. So pitch your story to them with their benefit in mind. Tell them why their readers would enjoy reading more about you and your company. It's a win for both parties. You get free publicity, they get a compelling news story. But tell them what's in it for them.
Thanks to: Anthony Adams of Dallas Roofing Company.

4. Submit, submit, submit

How to get into a Magazine : There are thousands of niche publications and Websites out there that are looking for relevant content for their readers. I've personally found that many are happy to include your articles if they are pertinent to their readers, well-written and not full of self-promotion. Research what your clients are reading (or just ask them) and then contact those publications to find out how they like to receive content. You'll be surprised by how well this works.
Thanks to: Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk of BBR Marketing.

5. Visual Appeal

How to get into a Magazine : Pitching yourself or your product to magazines? Make sure your pictures do you and/or your product justice. They don't have to be professionaly produced, but they must look professional. Having both low and high resolution shots is a must: low res images for pitching and high res images for publishing.
Thanks to: Denis Stepansky of ItsHot.com.

6. Simple & Unique

How to get into a Magazine : To secure coverage in magazines make sure you:

1. Always reply very promptly to requests, this will show you as dependable.
2. Find a unique simple angle to comment on stories/trends.
3. Use memorable phrases to get you point across.

Remember the journalist see the crescent but you can show them the whole of the moon.
Thanks to: Marc Lawn of The Business GP.

7. Your best press kit

How to get into a Magazine : I found that press releases alone however well written they didn't attract any attention, so decided to take the time and trouble to make a press kit including a cd with photos a letter addressed personally to the stylist/journalist and a characteristic piece of my work, that case my signature bag.
within the next month l got a half page feature on Lucky magazine and a mention in the website of the top city guide of my city (Athens).
Thanks to: FANI VOGIATZI of Maslinda.

8. Letters to the Editor!

How to get into a Magazine : Read the publications you want to be featured in, and start sending in your comments about articles and features to the Editor. In the beginning of every magazine they have reader letters, you can have your letter printed, with your name and website URL!
This is the easiest way I have found to get into any magazine.
Thanks to: Michelle Dunn of Michelle Dunn, Writer & Columnist.

9. Get Organized, Ship on Time!

How to get into a Magazine : I used to have everything on one calender-BIG mistake.

I almost missed a deadline to send samples to be included in Hybrid Moms' Great Gift Guide.

Luckily I'm friendly with the folks at the post office who rummaged through that days parcels to pull out mine and overnight it!
It arrived just in time to make the shoot.
I think the postal worker was almost as thrilled as me when I showed her the review.

I now have a completely separately calender just for shipping deadlines!
Thanks to: Dashiel St. Damien of Sunny SleeveZ.

10. Divining an Email Address

How to get into a Magazine : You need to build an honest/casual relationship with editors/writers. To contact these folks directly, find the person's name that you seek to reach. Go online to the magazine’s site and find the link to "advertise with us". Find an email with a name in that area. See the way that email is constructed (FirstnameLastinitial@website.com etc.) and retro fit the person's name you seek into that format (85% success rate). Follow up on a quarterly basis and provide updates on your story.
Thanks to: Matt Griffin of Baker's Edge.

11. Cupcakes Make People Happy

How to get into a Magazine : I found whenever I sent cupcakes to a newspaper editor they made everyone happy. And it was so easy to call the office of the editor and say I'm the woman who sent cupcakes and everyone was really happy to talk further. The editor loved them, the staff loved them, and the boss was a hero to their employees.

No turn downs in 4 years - I consider that a record!
Thanks to: Margot Chapman of Zoom Unlimited, Inc..

12. Overnight Delight

How to get into a Magazine : We recognize that magazines are working from an editorial calendar AND have a tight deadline. We do our best to treat each request with the utmost importance, respond quickly, and provide sample products, often shipping them overnight, even if we have to do it at our expense. Not every exposure skyrockets us, but it does help us to build strong sustained exposure for our products and brand.
Thanks to: Michelle Chance-Sangthong of Cool Shopping Ideas.

13. Use a Free Service That Works

How to get into a Magazine : You can find many free services out there, but one that really works is www.helpareporter.com (HARO). You'll receive e-mails listing queries from editors in need of sources and product ideas for their stories. Find one that suits you, submit your pitch and wait for the good news - it's that simple and that useful.
Thanks to: Linda Tong of KindNotes.

14. Tip on getting in magazine.

How to get into a Magazine : The best way i would suggest to get into a magazine is to have someone who has been featured in that magazine refer you to the person who put them in the magazine. We have used this method to get The YES Movie (http://theYESmovie.com) in to many magazines and other media outlets. Start looking at your network and what media they have gotten into and ask if they will make introductions for you and, return the favor for them by introducing them to magazines and other media that you have been in.
Thanks to: Louis Lautman of Young Entrepreneur Society.

15. Get involved

How to get into a Magazine : Don't just find out the name of a journalist within the wished news department. It's important to make some researches and find out who already wrote articles on a quite similar product/idea you have to offer. So you also may refer to this article. Personalize your email as much as possible and provide a phone number. Moreover try to include editorial content so the press release doesn't have a strong advertise character (e.g.: statistics, general information about your industry).
Thanks to: Karim Saad of halaltrip - halal hotel reviews.

16. Tips for product placement

How to get into a Magazine : The best tip I have for getting products into a magazine is to use Help a Reporter Out.com! It has helped me tremendously -- even more so than the PR agent I hired. If the product (in my case it is a non-fiction book for kids) legitimizes the inventor's/author's role as an expert, then there are plenty of opportunities to answer a HARO query as said expert. The magazine or newspaper will typically add "author of," which promotes my product.

Sign up at: http://helpareporter.com/
Thanks to: Jill Lauren of Learning Specialist/Author .

17. Know thy medium as thyself

How to get into a Magazine : None of the tips, tricks and strategies you'll hear will work unless this fundamental is in place: Before approaching any medium, you must understand its audience and how it serves that audience. If the information you have to share is newsworthy and you understand how the medium would approach your news from its audience's perspective, your chances of building a relationship with an editor or blogger that might result in coverage of your news is exponentially improved.
Thanks to: David Kirk of thePRguy incorporated.

18. Flashy Subject Lines

How to get into a Magazine : Editors and journalists receive so many emails daily. So creating an enticing subject should be your top priority after your pitch has been crafted.

I was on the phone with an editor in Texas and he said work on your subject line. Even though he spent the time to tell me this on the phone, I sent it again with a revised subject line, but for a story tip this is your unforgettable digital handshake. Don't be a limp fish, get them with a strong subject line!
Thanks to: Christina Lor of Ergonomix Public Relations.

19. Send Samples

How to get into a Magazine : One way to get your product or book into a magazine is to send samples and information about the product to the editor or better, to the person that does product reviews. Then follow up with a call to see if they received it. You can even send your press release along with the samples.
Thanks to: Andrea Van Ness of Thumbuddy To Love, LLC.

20. " If You Got It Flaunt It "

How to get into a Magazine : If you are talented artist or designer submit your work in national competitions. The recognition you receive from the wins will be what editors are looking for. Remember that editors need good submissions and are eager to develop relationships from talented people they can turn to for editorials.
Thanks to: Patricia Davis Brown of Patricia Davis Brown Fine Cabinetry.

21. Do homework before pitching

How to get into a Magazine : First and foremost, share your product's information with the right reporter. Read what particular reporters write, about because most magazines have regular content columns. Target your topic - don't send information or a pitch to a reporter that covers your industry's technology if your product operates manually.

Read some past material said reporter has written and share with him/her why they might consider using your information in a future story or column.
Thanks to: Gail Sideman of PUBLISIDE Personal Publicity.

22. How to Get Free Publicity

How to get into a Magazine : Attend tradeshows and other networking events in your field where magazine editors attend or exhibit. Introduce yourself accordingly. Ask if they have a product review section, and if so, ask who or where to send information. Include a short blip about the product and send hi-res image. Before pitching, check the magazine submission guidelines and schedule. This will keep you from wasting yours and the editors time if the pitch is not appropriate for their audience.
Thanks to: Kathy Peterson of Kathy Peterson Inspired.

23. How to get a freebie

How to get into a Magazine : First, KNOW YOUR MARKET and then call catalogs and convince them you have a product that would be a good fit to their current line. This may result in a licensing agreement.
Then contact every magazine, on-line store, etc. that has to do with your product and convince them to do a one time "new product" ad. They may put your product on their on-line store for a percentage. If you can write, try and get article published.

Good luck!
Thanks to: Gail Falzon, RN of TMJ Pain Solutions.

24. get yourself in the magazines!

How to get into a Magazine : Personalize your attempts to contact magazine editors by finding out their names and then tailor your press sheets to them. Press sheets should contain your (brief) personal information along with product submission, including descriptions and prices, and be sure to offer to send samples. Then mail the actual hard copy out! (emails can get lost in the shuffle).
Thanks to: Bonnie Riconda of Calico Juno Designs.

25. Customers are Link to Magazine

How to get into a Magazine : We provide skin care and sell through boutiques. In our relationships, we look to promote their business as well as our products. This brought us a magazine spot. A magazine often featured one of our boutiques. Doing a feature on our product as a "new line" for the boutique was a win for all of us. It was the relationship with our customer that was the driving force in being picked up in the magazine. We often forget to pro-actively help customers; hence, we miss these great opportunities!
Thanks to: Bill Watson of Oli-Co. Cosmetics.com.

26. A Twist of Fate

How to get into a Magazine : My product landed in Woman’s World because the story behind its invention had a unique twist that appealed to a large audience. The story tugged at the hearts of working mothers with children in day care. Then I focused on how the product solved problems every woman faces with similar tools.

I knew targeting both men and women would not work since the emotional draw of women is not that of men. Plus women identify more readily to the problems this tool solves than men.
Thanks to: Mary Findley of Mary Moppins.

27. People Love a Good Story

How to get into a Magazine : I was able to get my product into various magazines by submitting a
summary of how and why my product was invented. Magazines are often
interested in a good story. I had a good Mompreneur story and my
product solved a problem for moms. I submitted my story via magazine
websites and by emailing magazine editors directly.
Thanks to: Tangela Walker-Craft of Simply Necessary, Incorporated.

28. Picture This!

How to get into a Magazine : A unique and irreverent photo will both enhance your chances of a magazine placement and help readers pay attention and remember your product. To showcase our socks, we have the CEO adorned in a beautiful suit with a twist. Instead of slacks, he is wearing shorts, providing a fun image that makes the socks very visible. Another popular photo are the socks presented on a silver platter by a white-gloved butler. Some products need a light-hearted element!
Thanks to: Lori Rosen of Blacksocks.

29. Meeting Editorial Standards

How to get into a Magazine : I asked my client to identify the best trade magazine in their industry to publish an article with. We requested their editorial standards and for six months, we edited our blog/newsletter according to their guidelines. Once we had a solid set of articles, I invited their editor to review them, as well as an unpublished article that would likely be an important nationally relevent article for their technology column. They liked it, and it appeared in their April 2010 edition!

Thanks to: Liora Farkovitz of Legacy Strategic Development, LLC.

30. Write it for them

How to get into a Magazine : Write an article for the magazine. Don't push your product but give useful information for your industry or magazine. For example I wrote an article for a networking magazine based on how I use networking to sell my book. I didn't mention the name of my book, but gave the process in a general format so that people could use the advice no matter what service, product or job hunting needs. ...and of course the magazine printed my name, book, and link at the end of the article without me asking.
Thanks to: Gary Unger of Gary Unger.

31. Write a Best Seller

How to get into a Magazine : Write a book that supports your business as a platform. You will get publicity (great book sales too) and excellent exposure for you and your business.
Thanks to: Michelle Gamble-Risley of 3L Publishing.

32. Focus, Niche Focus!

How to get into a Magazine : The best way to get published in a major magazine is to start local. Join your trade association and subscribe to the trade magazine(s). Go to the meetings, meet the editor if possible and introduce yourself. Trade magazines tend to be very open to new members and are willing to take your call as well. Let them know your story; how did you get to be in this industry what is it you love about it and why. Ask them to publish you and then submit your now 'published' article(s) to mainstream media.
Thanks to: Poz Pozarycki of The World Flag.

33. Do your research!

How to get into a Magazine : One tip to get into magazines is a very basic one--make sure you are pitching the right editor! Often this is overlooked and you need to do your research. For example, I design jewelry, so I should be pitching the accessories editor, or the assistant accessories editor. Not the fashion editor. Tip within a tip: the assistant accessories editor is often easier to get in touch with, so do be nice to him or her!
Thanks to: Rosena Sammi of Rosena Sammi Jewelry.

34. Facebook Stalking

How to get into a Magazine : Dont really stalk them, of course...but find the editor on Facebook, friend request them, and see if you can make a personal connection. Always be respectful, polite and honest. If the editor can see you as a person, not as a product or annoying phone call, then the editor will have a face to put with the pitch and you may have a better chance getting placement.
Thanks to: Kyle Schroeder of The Cremo Cream Co.

35. Build an Army

How to get into a Magazine : My biggest tip is to not pitch magazines at all. Rather, I concentrate on building up my community. I've learned that community creates press, and not the other way around.

The cream rises to the top, and soon enough editors take notice.

Its one of the most important tips I've ever received.

The community is your marketing department. If you care about them, then they'll care about you, and become evangelists.
Thanks to: Walt Ribeiro of For Orchestra.

36. Quick, Short and Sweet

How to get into a Magazine : Be quick to respond to a pitch, be concise and present a compelling reason to feature the piece in 2 lines or less, including a lo res product shot. If the editor is interested, they can ask for more info, but please, don't send him or her a novel. Nobody has time for that, especially not an editor who receives thousands of pitches per day. Follow the 3 key rules above and you won't be killed off to the SPAM folder.
Thanks to: Elisette Carlson of Smack! Media.

37. Give them your snazziest work!

How to get into a Magazine : My one best tip to get into magazines is to have a good product and to read the submission guidelines online or in the magazines itself and follow the requirements. If you are submitting to a paperarts magazine a snazzy arted up envelope will capture the editors attention! After you've been in the publication a few times the editor will remember you and you can e-mail them directly with queries.
Thanks to: Violette Clark of Violette's Creative Juice.

38. Relevancy Revolution

How to get into a Magazine : Be Relevant! Editors and writers can't request this enough. Do some homework prior to the pitch. Look at what has been featured before and the writer/editor's style. What is he/she most likely to feature. If your product doesn't fit - don't pitch it or send it or at the very least make sure you have a relevant angle!

Thanks to: Alissa Carr of Alissa Carr PR & Marketing.

39. Know Your Audience

How to get into a Magazine : Get your product into magazines by first knowing their audience. Magazines spotlight what is relevant to their readership and too many "pitch" products to anyone and everyone; hoping that "numbers = success". Decide who it is that the product appeals to and pitch to relevant publications. Refer to the "Writer's Market"; a book that updates every year and contains major and smaller publications who list exactly the type of magazine they publish; as well as the audience for whom they publish.
Thanks to: Carole Brody Fleet of Widows Wear Stilettos.

40. Write an article

How to get into a Magazine : Magazines are always in need of relevant articles that provide great value to their readership. Write an article that ties into your product but doesn't sell it. Be sure it is high value, not hard sell. Pitch the article to magazines as "free" in exchange for a small ad or product review in their magazine. You get free exposure, and they get a helpful article.
Thanks to: Lorraine Bosse-Smith of Concept One, Inc..

41. Pet Business Magazine

How to get into a Magazine : Call the editor and ask what they need. By calling before sending them an email, you stand outˆask what information they need in order to include you in their magazine. Then let them know that you will send them all of those items by x date. Then actually send those items by the date you said you would. Frequently you can find out while on the phone when the editor needs information in order to include it in the next possible issue and what opportunities are actually available.
Thanks to: Melissa Breau of Associate Editor.

42. What's in it 4 me?

How to get into a Magazine : Get a sense of the publication by reading current and past issues, and then be prepared to answer the question - "Why should I care about this product or service?". "Does it allow me to do something better, faster, cheaper"?"Is it part of a trend?" If you can't provide an EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND 15 second answer to the question "What's in it for me?" or "What is the benefit to me?" don't bother to pitch the story.
Thanks to: Paula Suita of Smith & Suita, Inc..

43. Be authentic.

How to get into a Magazine : My tip: research the person you would like to share your product with and begin to build a relationship with them. Bombarding people with mass emails and cold calls doesn't create long-lasting business relationships, or friendships for that matter.
Thanks to: Elizabeth Roberts of Columbia Gorge Organic.



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